Having witnessed the surge in tourism, the UAE government provides a long-term stay facility in the emirate through a 3-month visit visa or 90 days visit visa to Dubai.

One can apply for this visa type through our portal. An urgent Dubai visit visa for 3 months can also be used through us as we provide the facility of an express Dubai visit visa.

3 Months Dubai Visit Visa Price

90 days single-entry visa

  • Regular visa- $540
  • Visa+ Travel Insurance- $739

90 days multiple-entry visa

  • Regular visa- $940
  • Visa+ Travel Insurance- $1139

90 days Job-seeker visa

  • Regular visa- $349
  • Visa+ Travel Insurance- $498

Note: Travel insurance with a Covid-19 coverage is a must as per the UAE authority's directives.

Types of Dubai Visit Visa for 3 months

1. 90 Days Single/Multiple-Entry Visa

This visa permits travelers to stay in the UAE for various purposes for an extended period. Once the exit is made, the visa automatically expires.

Those who need to make multiple stops while traveling to the UAE or the nearby countries can apply for this visa that allows one to stay in the country for 90 days.

2. 90 Days Job Seeker Visa

This is beneficial for those wishing to seek employment in Dubai. The visitor gets 90 days to finalize a job, leave the country and again apply for a visa on the behest of the employment company. This Dubai visa stay validity is up to 90 days or less.

Disclaimer: We do not provide any types of jobs through this visa type.

(The visa validity of both types is 60 days from issuing the same).

Requirements For a 3 months Dubai Visa

To apply for a Dubai e-visa, the pre-requisites are specified below:-

  1. Copy of the front and last page of the passport, holding six months validity from the date of the journey.
  2. Clear front-facing passport-size photograph of the applicant.
  3. A bank statement exhibiting the required amount in USD or equivalent amount in any other currency.
  4. Compulsory Travel Insurance
  5. A negative Covid-19 test report taken within the last 48 hours before the scheduled flight.
  6. For the children aged between 0-13years, a photocopy of the birth certificate is a must along with other mentioned documents.

(Those opting for an instant Dubai visit visa need to produce a properly scanned copy of a valid passport and a clear photograph to get started with their visa processing procedure).

Steps To Apply For a Dubai visit visa for 3 months

You can go for an online Dubai visa, which is a virtual permit that allows the applicant to fill in the necessary documentation from anywhere globally, backed with proper connectivity.

The steps to apply for a Dubai visa are simple and hassle-free with us:-

  1. Log onto our website and tap on the Dubai Visa Application from the above bar.
  2. Fill in all the essential details and upload the documents (passport copy and colored photographs). Other members or relations can also be added through Add more applicant tab. Once the form gets filled in, click on Submit Application.
  3. Make payments via visa card, credit, or debit card to submit the Dubai visa cost and obtain confirmation of submission of the form on the e-mail id mentioned in the application.

(By and large, most nationalities are eligible to apply for Dubai e-visa. Kindly visit the dropdown list on our website to learn about yours. If your nationality is not mentioned for the Online Dubai Visa, you can avail of the Sticker Visa provision through our website).

Dubai Visa For GCC Residents

The UAE government follows particular parameters for visa processing for different nationalities. For the citizens of GCC countries, visa exemption is provided. This privilege is for Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & UAE citizens.

Unlike these citizens, those who are not nationals of GCC countries have to apply for a Dubai visa. Applicants whose profession falls into the skilled category, such as doctors, engineers, or government employees, tend to get permits more quickly than applicants of other nationalities.

To apply for a Dubai visit visa for 3 months, the GCC residents must produce a valid passport with a resident permit apart from other mentioned documents.

Note: Those who hold a GCC Resident Visa can visit any emirates without sponsorships, whereas others require a guarantor or a sponsored visa to travel.

Dubai Visa-On-Arrival

Dubai even offers a visa-on-arrival facility for citizens of certain countries. Such individuals need not apply for a separate Dubai visa but can get a visa upon arrival by filling out a simple form.

Extension or Renewal of Visa

90 days Dubai visit visa can be extended for 30 days twice without leaving the country. One can even apply for the second renewal before the expiration of the first after submitting the renewal fees.

Note:- You will be charged for each day of your extra stay in the emirate.

Important Points to Remember Before Visiting Dubai

While traveling to Dubai, one needs to keep specific points in mind to avoid any hassles:-

Ensure you do not drink and drive while in Dubai, as it may lead to fines, jail, or even cancellation of your visa.

If you possess any medical drugs, take all your prescriptions to be shown at immigration.

If you're visiting Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan, make sure that you do not eat in public places as it may offend the locals.

While meeting the locals, try to avoid physical contact as much as possible unless the other side initiates it.

With the ongoing pandemic, we urge you to look at all the measures and controls stated by the UAE authorities to have a trouble-free trip to Dubai.

To know more about Dubai visit visa for 3 months or an express Dubai visit visa, kindly reach out to us through our 24X7 Chat Support or WhatsApp.