The United Arab Emirates is one of the leading destinations across the planet. Passengers worldwide opt for Dubai as their choice for transit because of the excellent flight connectivity of the emirate. The city sparkles with stylish skyscrapers.

Many travellers spend a reasonable amount of time in the city to soak in the Arabian beaches while they sneak into the ancient Arab culture at breathtaking museums and mosques. Visitors also plan itineraries according to their preferences for their travel. Discovering the mountainous terrain of Fujairah or the plush royal Arabian lifestyle in Abu Dhabi, you need a handsome number of days at your disposal.

As an avid visitor to the Emirate of Dubai, you know that a 90 days tourist visa for Dubai is an ideal option. You can not only enjoy a relaxed time limit during your stay, but we can also help you plan an excellent Dubai travel itinerary so that your Dubai vacations are simply incredible.

Planning your finances while you travel is one of the critical aspects that should be worked upon smartly. To do so, you need to know the price of a tourist visa for Dubai. The travel permit comes with its set of validities and timelines. Let us understand the working of the three-month Dubai visit visa.

90 Days Dubai Visit Visa

Bloggers, YouTubers, writers, journos, families, and business persons usually enjoy the travel permit. The permit allows the following for the visa-holder:

  1. Visa is valid for 90 days. The visa validity clock begins to tick from its issuance date.
  2. The 90 days Dubai visit visa permits a stay of three months.


90 days Dubai tourist visa comes under the category of long-term visas. Dubai rests with a considerable ex-pat population. Many visitors pay their visit to their earning family members in the city through this type of travel permit.

Cost of 90 days Dubai tourist visa

The travel permit is powered by 2 significant options that enable smooth visits to the Emirate of Dubai:

  • Single-entry: Those heading to the city can opt for a single entry to the country. With this choice, you can visit the rest of the emirates of UAE but are limited to the country's borders.
  • Multiple-entry: Those who plan to make several visits from their place of departure to Dubai can opt for this option. With this luxury, a traveller can manage respective engagements at both ends.

Visa Title

Visa Type

Entry type

Visa Price

90 days Dubai Tourist visa

Long term

Single entry

$ 540

90 days Dubai Tourist visa

Long term

Multiple entry

$ 940


The cost of 90 days Dubai tourist visa includes the visa fee and service charges. At Insta Dubai visa, an applicant can also avail of the following benefits:

  1. Travel Insurance: Given the current scenario, travel insurance is a mandate without which one can't cross borders. The applicant can pay an additional charge of $99 along with the visa application.
  2. Airport Transfer: A pre-arranged transfer adds to the comfort of a traveller who has just boarded a long flight. Even if you are travelling with family or a solo wanderer, airport transfer to your place of accommodation can make things easy for you. The applicant has to pay an additional charge of $50 along with the cost of the 90 days Dubai tourist visa.


Important documents while applying for a 90 day Dubai visit visa

Travelling is a collection of critical attributes, documents being one of them. While applying for a visa, every applicant is expected to adhere to the requirements laid down by the travel authorities.

While one seeks a travel permit to Dubai for 90 days, the following requisites should be on hand:

  1. A clear scan copy of the applicant's valid passport (front and last page)
  2. A photograph of the applicant with a clear background


Processing time for a 90-day tourist visa for Dubai

At Insta Dubai Visa, we have record time processing visas and attaining successful visa approvals. IDV tops the list of efficient and reliable visa services.

Regular Service at Insta Dubai Visa will allow you to grab yours within 24-72 working hours.

However, if you have to fly to the UAE urgently, avail yourself of Express Service and gain your travel permit within hours. Contact our visa experts at

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  1. The most intelligent online visa platform
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Imports tips to know while travelling:

  • Insta Dubai Visa does not provide travel permits for work /job/employment.
  • Your reference ID is an essential key to keeping a tab on updates and the live status of your online visa application.
  • It would be best to provide correct and accurate information while filling out the online visa application form.
  • We advise applicants to input truthful information while applying for a visa, like a valid email address.
  • Travellers should carry a copy of the evisa and present it to the Immigration desk at the airport.
  • You stay updated with Insta Dubai Visa at every stage.

While you plan your Dubai Trip, we have some takeaways for you

  • Check your passport validity while you plan your travel permit.
  • Keep a photograph with a clear background handy.
  • Assure you have enough funds at your disposal to carry out your expenses in the destination country.
  • Keep clean with criminal records as you might also get banned from travelling.
  • Make sure your online visa application form has the accurate spelling of your name as per your passport.
  • If you feel you are facing any issues in uploading documents at IDV, you can submit your papers on other submission channels.
  • A clear and crisp travel itinerary lets you make your journey smooth and relaxed.

Insta Dubai visa is visa smart. Ultra-advanced technology powers our innovative platform to transform the travel segment across the globe.