Dubai depicts richness in unity and discipline. Being a renowned city, locals are light-hearted and treat visitors as if there own family members. The beauty surrounds the place with elite buildings, top beaches, best romantic sites, thrilling adventures, and everything you wish. Leave things aside, and get the opportunity to enjoy the magnificence of this land. Go ahead and see how to get a Dubai visa!

Which visa to choose- 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 96 hours

Fix your finger on a 14-day Dubai visa and have a relaxing time with your dear ones. This visa allows a traveller to experience maximum adventures in a short duration of time. They can also please their children by involving them in different activities.

A 30-day visa makes a visitor fulfil official purposes, and personal engagements. Both 14 days and 30 days are commonly referred to as short term-visa. Don't worry; the process of a Dubai visit visa is going to be entertaining.

Thinking of a long term stay? 60 days and 90 days are the options that can suit you. With this visa, visitors can peep deep into the country's history, explore its architects, study the culture, and step into other emirates due to a lot of them at their disposal.

96 hours visa is meant for those who have to board another flight from Dubai. In addition to this, they can participate in any family function or ceremony. So, the procedure for getting a Dubai visit visa is getting interesting.

Note: You may go for any visa, but the visa validity stays applicable for 60 days from the date of issue.

What are the main documents for a Dubai visit visa?

Only a few! Things turn out to be friendly when the requirement of the documents are minimum.

  1. The visitor must attach a scanned copy of the valid passport, i.e. at least 6 months, while seeking a visa.
  2. Along with this, upload a clear passport-sized photograph clicked in any background.

Procedure for getting a Dubai Visit Visa

Quite a comfortable and relaxing procedure! Indeed, the steps are just in numbers.

Kindly log on to

Choose your nationality from the dropdown menu and the country you are travelling from. Then, press Go.

The complete data of visa is before you. Fix your finger on any type of dubai visa you require. You also have the option to mark the boxes of additional services.

Move ahead with Apply Now and see the visa application form before you.

Fill in the details with absolute authenticity. Attach- a copy of a valid passport and a passport size photograph.

If someone else is willing to travel with you, put them in the queue through Add More Applicant tab, otherwise, ignore.

After this, click on the Submit Application tab. Now, see the payment options before you.

Pay your visa fee via- Paypal, debit card, or credit card.

The entire process of a Dubai visit visa completes in a blink of an eye.

Our primary purpose is to form everlasting relationships with customers through a perfect quality of services.

What are the services for processing visa applications?

Best, finest and Quickest. Kindly choose the service in accordance with the date of travel.

  • Normal Service (24 to 72 working hours)
  • Express Service (10 to 12 working hours)

If you wish to travel to Dubai after 2 days or more than that, you can choose a normal service. The processing duration varies between 24 to 72 working hours.

In case of instant travel plans, and you are in a hurry to fly to Dubai, go in for express service. The processing time is not more than 12 hours. Is the process of a Dubai visit visa different in express service? No, it is exactly like normal service.

Undoubtedly, Dubai is a gem of the middle east. Visit once, and you will be eager to look for the next chance.

We take pride in providing excellent visa services at every step. The success lies in the highest approval rate, which is achieved only by your trust and our efforts.

What about the tracking of the visa application status?

After applying for a Dubai visit visa, everyone looks forward to checking the visa application status. The below-cited steps will help you know it quite easily.

  • Visit
  • Now, you are on the website. Select the Track Application tab in the menu.
  • Fill in the application number or reference number in the box. Then, click Go.
  • The status is before your eyes.

We understand and support you not just as experts but as partners too. The tracking process of a Dubai visit visa is seamless.

Why Insta Dubai Visa holds a prestigious place?

  1. Round the clock personalised visa assistance
  2. Smart way of processing visa application form
  3. Fast accessibility of the portal
  4. Express service for a quick visa
  5. Absolute security
  6. Few clicks to know the visa status
  7. Friendly way to adopt the entire procedure for applying for a visa

Are you still pondering? Follow the above-cited procedure for getting a Dubai Visit Visa.

Bear the following things in mind after stepping into Dubai

  • Put all the necessary documents such as a copy of a valid visa, and your passport, at the immigration table.
  • Don't keep any items which are against the law of the country.
  • Hold a copy of the visa and the passport while going through the city.
  • Make sure you are aware of the emergency helpline numbers as they may be required at any time.
  • Do not try to go against the rules and regulations laid down by the UAE government.

Step into the land of your dreams through the simplest procedure for getting a Dubai visit visa through this website!