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Dubai Visa for GCC Residents

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Online Dubai Visa for GCC Residents

GCC refers to Gulf Corporation Council. Nationals of GCC need not possess a Dubai visa. They can travel from one corner to the other of the UAE simply by holding their valid GCC citizenship passport.

If a visitor carries a GCC country passport, they are welcome to visit across the length and breadth of the GCC nations without a visa.

The GCC consists of six countries, i.e., Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & UAE.

As far as GCC residents are concerned, they can't avail the same benefits. They have to apply for a Dubai visa to land in Dubai or UAE.

Let's look at the pre-requisites for a GCC resident seeking a UAE visa.

  • The passport must carry the validity of 6 months. Along with it, GCC resident proof is imperative.
  • For some countries, the passport validity of 3 months is enough for travelling within the GCC region.

Dubai Visa for GCC Residents

Those GCC residents who are engaged in skilled professions like engineers, doctors or government job holders can opt for a 30 days non-renewable visa at the Dubai airport.

Concerning this, we can say that a person's engagement holds the main importance in approving visas for GCC countries. Residents who have the title of a skilled professional stand ahead in securing a permit easily. Remember that you carry all the documents to avoid any delay at the immigration.

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