Dubai has been exceptionally progressive and entertaining land. Visitors of different age groups have something or the other to explore in Dubai. It has been carved out to stay in the memories, always and forever. From thrilling experiences of nature to visiting beautiful shopping malls to amazing nightlife, Dubai is all set to greet you with open arms. What are you thinking! Know the Dubai visa procedure now, step out and get going.

What are important documents for a visit visa for Dubai?

Fewer! The requirements are not too many.

  1. The applicant must upload a scanned copy of the passport with validity for atleast 6 months while applying for a visa.
  2. In addition to this, upload a passport-sized photograph with any background.

The procedure of Dubai visit visa also includes the attachments of the above documents.

Which one to choose- Single Entry or Multiple Entry?

The confusion of choosing a single entry or multiple entry will be over in a while. Single entry is beneficial for those who have to step once and have a continuous stay, whereas the multiple entry entiles you to step again and again. Never ever forget that your frequent visits are possible only during the stay period. Dubai visa processing steps for both the entries are same.

Which visa to grab- 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 96 hours

Hold a 14-day Dubai visa and stay high with the following adventures with your beloved and kids:

  • Skydiving
  • Flyboarding
  • Hot air balloon
  • Dune bashing
  • Sandboarding
  • Skiing

A short stay is easily possible, and one can choose for other purposes as well. A 30-day visa adds to things, and a traveller can enjoy with their partner. They can also meet with their official engagements and visit family members. The Dubai visa procedure for availing of any visa is standard.

Coming to a long term visa available in 60 days and 90 days, you can uncover Dubai and nearby emirates. Mostly, the visa is preferred by the visitors of the below-cited categories:

  • Bloggers
  • You tubers
  • Instagrammers
  • Videomakers
  • Explorers
  • Nature lovers
  • Businesspersons

96 hours visa is a beautiful option for those who wish to spend the shortest duration in Dubai or nearby emirates. Some of the things include:

  • City tour
  • Transit through Dubai
  • Catch connecting flights after a short stay
  • Attending a pre-scheduled meeting
  • Paying a short visit to a relative or friend

Dubai presents a dynamic view of the future. Once you visit Dubai, you will be anxious to visit again.

What is the procedure of visit visa for Dubai?

Simpler, and easier! Please go through the below-cited steps:

Reach out to

Select your citizenship from the dropdown menu and the country you are in. Now, press Go.

As required, click on the type of visa. Kindly see the additional services and tick the box whichever you need, if not, follow the next steps.

Go ahead with Apply Now and have the visa application form before you.

Please fill up all the information with absolute clarity and authenticity. Upload- a copy of a valid passport and a passport size photograph.

If any other person is flying with you, add them through Add More Applicant tab, else, forget the step.

Click on the Submit Application (Green tab). Further, you will have a payment option before you.

The last step is to pay the visa fee. Payment options- Paypal, debit card, or credit card.

Once you complete all the Dubai visa processing steps, you are requested to check your email inbox. You will have complete and proper information about the visa.

Tracking? Not to worry. We will explain it too.

Which service do you offer for processing visa applications?

The two best services we provide for processing visa applications. Kindly pick either of the two as per your date of travel and need.

  • Normal Service (2 to 3 working days)
  • Express Service (10 to 12 working hours)

Already schedule and cleared plans? Choose normal service. The processing duration varies between 24 to 72 working hours.

When it comes to urgent plans, and you have a limited time to fly to Dubai, opt for express service. It does not take more than 12 hours to send you an approved visa. Express service also adopts the same Dubai visa processing steps.

Which is the simplest route to track the status of visa application?

The excitement of travelling to a creative land after applying for a visa grows. So, tracking status is something which constantly beats in our hearts.

The underlined procedure will make you know what you are willing to understand.

  • Kindly reach out to
  • After landing on the website, you can see the Track Application tab in the menu.
  • Click the tab. Now, provide the application number in the box and press Go.
  • The entire status is visible on the screen.

Dubai visa processing steps of tracking the application status is a count of one, two and three.

Is the extension over a Dubai visit visa allowed?

Yes. Leaving the Transit visa, which lasts for 96 hours, the extension over every other single entry is allowed for 30 days or 90 days. Kindly reach out to, click on the Visa Extension tab and choose as per your requirement.

What makes us the greatest of all in offering a Dubai visit visa?

  • Our visa approval ratio touches its peak.
  • Approved visa lands in your mail only in 24 to 72 working hours.
  • Knowledgeable team to assist you in your favour via 24X7 Chat Support/WhatsApp/Phone/email/Skype etc.
  • Fastest and quickest accessibility on the portal.
  • Express service for urgent travellers
  • Highly secured payment gateways
  • Provision for checking visa status
  • Full procedure at the comfort of your home

The secret behind our success rate is an unwavering commitment to you and your dreams. When it comes to visa service, nothing but the best will do.

Every bit of information concerning the procedure of Dubai visit visa is imparted in this blog.