Situated between the Persian Gulf Coast and desert, Dubai offers a picture of a greater version with bigger perceptions and clear perspectives. The transformation of this city in the past few years can't be expressed in words. It has a diverse population which is strongly sensed through its food and day-to-day activities. Locals are peace-loving and law-abiding. They are very hospitable.

The new-look of Dubai mixed with modern art, and the ancient one makes it dynamic. It stays first in class and best in the crowd.

What are the documents required for a tourist visa to Dubai from India?

Gone were the days when applicants had to stand in the long queues of the Embassy with a lot of documents in their bags. Documents that are in need to apply for a Dubai tourist visa are cited-below:

  1. A visitor should have a passport bearing validity for 6 months before the beginning of their journey.
  2. Along with the above document, upload a clear passport size photograph.


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How many types of tourist visa for Dubai from India are available?

  • Unbeatable options! Yes. Kindly see the table and go for the right option.

Single Entry Dubai Visa (Stay validity)

Multiple Entry Dubai Visa (Stay validity)

Visa Validity

14 days

14 days


The visa bears validity for

60 days

from the date of issue.

30 days

30 days

60 days

60 days

90 days

90 days

96 hours


The above tabular form speaks a lot for itself. Let's now decipher it.

Single entry- The permit states that you are eligible to step into Dubai only once. In simple words, all the charm of the visa fades away once you step out of Dubai.

If you are willing to spend leisure time with friends and relatives, a 14-day single entry will be a good option. To discover other emirates, go for 30 days or 60 days with single access. Above all, 90 days visa is the best suited to those who want to explore business opportunities, meet delegates from different countries, and also the expansion of existing business and the like activities. We know you are still thinking about how to apply for a tourist visa to Dubai from India citizens.

You can also tour various emirates and plan your itineraries accordingly. Although the options are diverse, the choice is always yours.

A multiple entry visa will be a better choice if your meetings are scheduled on different days. With this type of visa, different emirates can also be visited on different days.

The visa stands at 60 days from the date of issue. Dubai tourist visa holds equal value in all the emirates.

How to apply for a tourist visa for Dubai from India?

Minimal steps, fast availability. This is what the applicants deserve. Have a look at the below-cited steps and apply for a visa now.

Reach out to our website

Select the dubai visa application form tab in the menu.

Fill in your details with accurate information and upload the documents (Scanned copy of valid passport and passport size photograph).

If you require attaching the forms of other applicants, click Add More Applicant tab. Otherwise, jump to the last step.

Make payments through Paypal, credit card or debit card. Finally, check the mail inbox.

Amazing! Going in for a tourist visa for Dubai from India is that much of easy.

What is the visa processing time of a permit?

Travellers hold a preferential place when there is a question of processing visa. This platform feels privileged to render them quick service and make them cheerful. We render two kinds of services, and you have to choose whichever suits you.

  • Normal Service (24 to 72 business hours)
  • Express Service (For getting a visa soon)

Which service should I choose? If there is no hurry and you have sufficient time for planning to visit Dubai, you can go in for normal service, which takes 2 to 3 working days.

On the other side, if you wish to leave for Dubai immediately, we provide express service, which grants you visas within a short period. So, apply for a tourist visa for Dubai from India through this service.

Dubai feels privileged to welcome tourists in its lap. The visa-seekers should not think of the pandemic restrictions as all things have been set in place by the land law. Choose this portal, apply for a Dubai visa and receive notifications. Be calm and reach your destination happily and enjoy your journey thoroughly. Log on to and get complete information from our side.

How can I get the status of my tourist visa for Dubai from India?

Once your payment is completed, you will receive an application number, also known as a reference number to your registered email-id. The number will make you see the status of your visa application. How? Follow the steps.

Kindly reach out to
Then, look at the top side of the menu bar- Track Visa Application tab.
Now, fill in the reference number in the box and press go.

Go through all the above steps and see how easy the process is. The full information will be before for you.

Why does occupies a top place? is supported by experienced visa experts. This is a website where you can apply for a Dubai tourist visa from India without any botheration. Only a few documents are required at the time of applying, and you will be informed about the process at every step by our well-designed 24x7 chat team. offers different means of communication. We come across a nominal rejection score of visas. Over and above, the platform enjoys a first-class status in the industry.

Stay safe, and stay happy!