Blessed with flourishing flora and fauna along with the equally contrasting desert safaris, Dubai offers a wide variety of tourist activities that remain an indispensable part of the traveler's itinerary.

Whether you wish to have a marine adventure or go for a campfire outing, Dubai has all in store for you!

The UAE government provides several tourist visas for Dubai that can be applied for online through our website.

Pre-Requisites to Apply for a Tourist visa for Dubai

One can apply online for a Dubai tourist visa by fulfilling certain requirements mentioned below:-

  • Copy of the front and last page of the passport, holding six months validity from the date of the journey.
  • Clear front-facing passport-size photograph of the applicant.
  • Bank statement exhibiting the required amount in USD or equivalent in any other currency.
  • Producing the compulsory Travel Insurance.
  • A mandatory negative Covid-19 test report taken within the last 48 hours before the scheduled flight to Dubai.
  • For the children aged between 0-13 years, a photocopy of the birth certificate is a must, along with the other mentioned documents.

Steps to Apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa

Here's how you can apply for a tourist visa for Dubai easily through our portal:-

Step 1 Log onto our website, and from the above bar, click on the Dubai Visa Application.

Step 2 Submit all the essential details and upload the necessary documents. Other members or relations can also be added through Add more applicant tab. Once the form gets filled in, click on Submit Application.

Step 3 Make payments via visa card, credit, or debit card to submit the visa cost and obtain confirmation of submission of the application on the e-mail id mentioned in the form.

Note:- Our payment gateways are secured with industry-leading 256-bit SSL that provides added security when making payments for the visa application.

Sometimes, even after submitting all the required documents, your Dubai tourist visa application might get rejected on specific grounds. You can avoid such eventualities by reaching out to our visa specialists.

(By and large, most nationalities are eligible to apply for an online Dubai tourist visa. Kindly visit the dropdown list on our website to learn about yours. If your nationality is not mentioned for the online visa, you can avail of the Sticker Visa provision through our website).

Sticker Visa

A sticker visa involves a physical process of visiting the embassy or the immigration department and submitting the original passport along with the necessary supporting documents. The processing time for Sticker visas is entirely dependent on the authorities concerned.

For a sticker visa, you would need a valid passport with a minimum of six months validity, two passport size photographs, residential proof, travel insurance, a six-month active bank statement, occupation proof, and vaccination certificate.

The visa validity and stay validity for this visa is dependent on the embassy or immigration.

Please note that the final approval of your visa is subject to immigration approval.

Types of Tourist Visas for Dubai

Before going on to learn about how to apply online for a Dubai tourist visa, have a look at the available visa type facilities as authorized by the UAE government:-

  • 14 days Single and Multiple-Entry Visa

The single-entry visa is ideal for those planning a short stay in Dubai or the UAE for sightseeing.

The multiple-entry visa is suitable for tourists who want to go on a holiday spree in Dubai or need to enter and exit the emirate frequently in 14 days. The visa validity for this type of visa is 60 days, whereas the stay validity must not exceed 14 days.

  • 30 days Single and Multiple-Entry Visa

The 30 days single-entry visa can be used by those seeking to spend some leisure time in Dubai.

Those required to make frequent visits to the UAE can apply for 30 days multiple entry visas, which allows one to make frequent visits to the emirate from the first entry date. The stay validity of a Dubai visa of this type is 30 days, with visa validity being 60 days.

  • 60 days Single/Multiple-Entry Visa

You can avail of this visa type if you're looking for a medium-term stay (less than two months) to meet someone, indulge in tourist activities, or simply for sightseeing. This single-entry visa expires once the visitor leaves the country within 60 days.

The multiple-entry visa allows tourists to visit the UAE within 60 days, with visa stay validity being 30 days.

  • 90 Days Single/ Multiple Entry Visa

This visa permits travelers to stay in the UAE for various purposes for an extended period. Once the exit is made, the visa lapses on its own.

The visa is also beneficial for those who need to make multiple stops while traveling to the UAE or the nearby countries, as this visa allows one to stay in Dubai for 90 days.

The visa validity of each type is 60 days from issuing the same.

Note: The processing time for the mentioned visa types is between 24-72 working hours.

(Please note that tourist visas are solely for tourism purposes, unlike visit visas that can be used for business, work, or tour activities)

Extension or Renewal of Dubai Tourist Visa

The tourist visa for Dubai can be extended for 30 days twice without leaving the country. One can apply for the second renewal before the expiration of the first after submitting the required renewal fees.

Note:- You will be fined for each day of overstaying at the emirate by the Dubai authorities.

Before traveling to any of the emirates, we request you to kindly check that your entry requirements are entirely updated as per the country of your visit mandates.

If you have any queries about the UAE visa or how to apply online for a Dubai tourist visa, kindly reach us through our 24X7 Chat Support team or WhatsApp.

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